Nelson Big Gun Sprinklers

Nelson is recognized as a world leader in quality and innovation. Nelson focuses on providing exceptional products for Industrial and Agricultural applications.

  • Innovative and reliable products
  • New sprinkler technology improves application uniformity
  • Efficient and effective
  • High standard and quality assurance

Nelson Brochure for Big Guns


With proven dependability, performance, long wear life and reparability known from Big Gun® Sprinklers, the 18 degree SR75 is an affordable Big Gun option that performs well at low pressures.



Nelson SR75 Performance Data

Nelson SR75 Parts Breakdown

Video: Feedlot Dust Suppression


The SR100 Big Gun with an 18 degree trajectory is the most popular Big Gun in use today.




Nelson SR100 Performance Chart

Nelson SR100 Parts Breakdown

Video: Nelson Mining Product Video


The 150 Series is a perfect fit for solid set dust suppression. Anodized, Powder Coated or Stainless Steel units are available, which makes this a great option for mining or wastewater applications.



Nelson SR150 Performance Data

Nelson SR150 Parts Breakdown

Video: Coal terminal dust suppression system


The 200 Series is a perfect fit for reclaimed water and other applications where maximum flow is desired. Anodized or Powder Coated units are available. The Nelson 200 Series Big Gun comes as a Full or Part Circle sprinkler with a 21°, 24°, or 27° trajectory.


Nelson SR200 Performance Chart

Nelson SR200 Parts Breakdown

Video: SR200 Big Gun Video