At WaterTec Dust, we believe that experience and knowledge is the key to every successful project. Have a look at some of our completed projects.


Westshore Terminals


Canada's busiest coal exporter is loacted on the West coast of British Columbia.  Strong ocean winds can blow across the coal piles, depositing coal dust on machinery, equipment, roads, and blowing it out to sea. Not only does this create an environmental hazard, but there is significant revenue loss from the coal that blows away.

WaterTec was able to supply a simple, effective dust suppression system to control the blowing coal dust.

  • 98 43-degree Nelson SR150 Big Guns 
  • Integrated Nelson control valve
  • High Density Polyethylene piping system
  • Multi-pump system controlled by Variable Frequency Drives


Teck Resources

Teck has many operations around the work with Coal, Copper & Zinc projects. The major goal in these remote areas is to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations, and the reclamation of land back to its natural habitat.

A properly designed system to suppress the dust and to irrigate reclaimed areas is needed because every site is unique. The combined use of Diesel and Electric Pumps, HDPE and PVC pipe, Nelson Big Gun Sprinklers, Wireless Electric Valve Stations, Irrigation Reels and Fabricated Sprinkler Stands with the precise design will provide a first-class system to accurately distribute the water.