Wireless Control System Products

With large or remote sites requiring valve or pump activation, wireless control systems are the best choice. These systems allow remote activation and monitoring of valves, pumps, and virtually any other equipment.



Would you like the peace of mind of knowing that your pumps are working properly? Interested in current or historical weather conditions at the site? Have you been looking for a comprehensive site management solution that provides near real-time information from pumps, meters, and sensors Crop Link gives you the ability to monitor and control multiple devices from a single web page or smartphone. Having this ability will give you a better picture of what is going on with your system, enable you to make better decisions, and alert you to system issues remotely.


  • Includes up to four remotely controlled relays
  • Options include inputs for:
  • Flow meter
  • Pressure transducer
  • Weather station
  • Temperature sensor
  • Relay input for digital status of any piece of equipment
  • Programmable alerts for various conditions
  • Status and operation commands via computer or mobile device
  • Unlimited number of Croplink units can connect to a single web page or mobile device

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Nelson TWIG

While many control systems on the market target total system management and data collection, the TWIG wireless control system is specifically targeted at automation of the water control valve and pump.  The sole purpose of the TWIG system is to wirelessly and automatically cycle through a series of water control valves in a programmed sequence.  The TWIG system is sophisticated, yet engineered for simplicity.


  • Eliminates in-ground or above ground wiring
  • Reduced potential for lightning damage
  • Eliminates rodent damage to wiring
  • Easily expandable simply by adding more TWIG units
  • Solar option available where there is no power
  • Makes it possible to easily automate portable and mobile systems 

Download Nelson TWIG PDF

Nelson TD200 Controller

  • Easy to learn. Easy to use
  • Controls up to 100 TWIGS and 200 Valves
  • Multiple starts with multiple programs
  • Watering events are logged and accessible for reporting purposes
  • Optional 110 Volt AC or 12 Volt DC with battery and solar panel
  • Reads the battery and signal strength of every TWIG in the system
  • Factory assigned unique network ID 

Nelson TWIG

The TWIG is the field-mounted controller that is wired to the solenoid valve.


  • Turns low voltage DC latching solenoids on and off at the command of the TD200
  • Proprietary high powered radio, adjustable between 902 and 924 MHz
  • Three models available:
    TWIG-1 – operates one valve
    TWIG-2 – operates two valves
    TWIG-4 – operates four valves
  • Power source: Two D-cell batteries, good for one full year
  • Two antenna options
  • Dual internal antennas were line of sight is optimal
  • External antenna to improve reception in difficult areas
  • Packaged in a rugged, outdoor, weather resistant enclosure
  • TWIGS may be mounted directly to sprinkler risers or valves
  • Factory assigned, unique ID number
  • Capable of manual solenoid valve test from each TWIG

Nelson TWIG Repeater

When topography, distance, or vegetation create communication challenges, the repeater will greatly increase the reliability, and extend the range of the TWIG system.

  • Automatically directs its signal to where it is needed, filling in the weak spots
  • Each system can contain up to 9 repeaters
  • Optional 110 Volt AC or 12 Volt DC with battery and solar panel
  • TWIG repeaters require an external antenna

Nelson TWIG Contact

Allows the TD200 to open and close contacts on up to four devices.  

  • Four remotely controlled relay contacts
  • Contacts rated at one amp maximum current
  • Power source: Two D-cell batteries, good for one full year
  • TWIG contacts require an external antenna